Website Design And Local SEO For Google My Business.

Are you paying your Webmaster To much?
Is your company not showing up in Google Places and Google+ Local?
If so hire us, We have very competitive prices, will beat all competitor's prices.
Best of all we DON'T charge a setup fee like all other companies.

We specialist in Local SEO for Google My Business and Google+ Local. If you are a local business serving local customers, This is a must for you business. Not many people look at a phone book these days. They (Your New Customers) are using smart phones to find what they need.

At a push of a button they will find any business they could need. Also remember all android phones are powered by Google So when they search on there phones they will find Google Listings. So why not have your Company at the top of Google places and Google+ Local?

Think back with me to 10 years ago. Back then, few people had heard of “Google” Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) was still in high school. Advertising in the yellow pages was a required expenditure if you served one or more local markets. Most businesses could “hang out a shingle” (so to speak) and figure out a way to reach customers.

But we were already sliding down the slippery slopes of one of the most monumental shifts in the history of business… and the shifting hasn’t stopped. If anything, the shifting continues to accelerate.

Since then, here’s a sampling of what has occurred:

  • In late 2001, the anthrax scare caused direct mail response rates to drop as people stopped opening mail from unknown sources. For a variety of reasons, response rates have never recovered.
  • In 2005, a little-known website called YouTube forever changed things by making it easy to upload and share video. They were acquired by Google in November, 2006.
  • Facebook reached 300 million active users (equivalent to the size of the population of the United States) in September, 2009 – 5 years after it was launched. It reached the 500 million mark only 10 months later. (Today they have over 800 million active users).
  • Relatively few mobile phones in 2001 had the capability of sending and receiving text messages. By December, 2009, US mobile subscribers were sending 152.7 billion text message - per month.
  • The last 5 years have seen the size of local newspapers and Yellow Pages publications shrinking (or even disappearing) and attendance at trade shows has dropped dramatically.
  • A whole host of social networks such as Twitter have popped up, and mobile geo-social services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places have create a dizzying array of new options for reaching out to active buyers.
  • So out with the old and in with the new.

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